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Customer Research

Etihad Rail

As an ethnographer, I was hired to help the client uncover "what truly matters to their clients and prospects?" This involved identifying their underlying pain points and motivations. To gather the necessary data, I conducted research, facilitated workshops, and conducted interviews. The collected data was then transformed into valuable insights, which are key to strategically position their freight department.


Abu Dhabi Media Office

As a cultural consultant, my role was to develop content for an experience toolkit that will be utilized by all government institutions across Abu Dhabi, and eventually made available to the public. The main objective of this project was to define the comprehensive identity of Abu Dhabi “what Abu Dhabi means in all its senses”. To achieve this, I conducted extensive fieldwork research and interviewed key individuals from Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The insights gathered were instrumental in creating the comprehensive content and the full writing of a significant coffee table book.


Traditional Food
Al Shindagha Museum

To develop compelling content for the museum's storylines and narratives, I collaborated with a team of experts. Together, we utilized ethnography and conducted fieldwork research, conducting interviews with professionals in the food industry. The primary objective of these interviews was to gain a deeper understanding of the rich history and cultural significance of the UAE's food culture. By engaging with these experts, we aimed to gather valuable insights that would enable us to generate accurate and relevant material content. This collaborative approach ensured that the museum's storylines and narratives effectively portrayed the authentic essence and significance of the UAE's food culture to visitors.

Comparative Studies and project management

Sheikh Zayed
Grand Mosque
Visitor Experience

To ensure a comprehensive and well-informed approach, I worked with a team and employed comparative studies in this project. It involved benchmarking the visitor experience with other museums through online research. By conducting comparative studies, I was able to gain insights into best practices and identify areas for improvement in order to enhance the visitor experience. Additionally, I interviewed experts in the field to validate the researched content before it was developed into the exhibition narrative. This step ensured that the content was accurate, reliable, and aligned with industry expertise

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