I study people, by using open-ended interviews, deep conversations, and face-to-face observations.

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology, in short, is the study of human beings, human societies, and cultures, along with their behaviors and development, it is what makes us human, and the science of human beings.


What is Ethnography?

Ethnography, is the signature methodology of anthropologists and it is a form of qualitative research. It is used for data collection and descriptive study. It can examine the way your employees, customers, and stakeholders interact with your company, product(s), and service(s).


How is anthropology applied to business?

Applying it to business is creating meaningful solutions through gaining a deep understanding of the people we are serving. As an anthropologist and a former entrepreneur, I use ethnography for business, to understand the changes that take place around us. We are trained to immerse ourselves in the lives of the subjects, utilize open-ended interviews, engage in deep conversations, and conduct face to face observations. We listen with an open mind, we study context, and above all, we note down what people do not say, as much as what they do say, to recognize invaluable insights and perspectives they offer.


Business anthropologists have helped companies such as the below examples. They apply ethnographic methods and theories to solve operational and human resource problems, understand consumer behavior, improve user experiences, and inspire innovation:

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