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What is Business Anthropology?

Anthropology in business offers valuable insights across various sectors, empowering individuals and organizations to make informed decisions and implement effective interventions. In today's increasingly interconnected world, acquiring a deep understanding of the people you serve—including their culture, processes, and behaviors—is crucial. This holistic approach enables fresh perspectives for clients, encouraging them to ask new questions, reframe challenges, identify unseen opportunities, and simplify cross-cultural understanding.

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The more we know about the people we are serving, the better we will be at serving them.

Razan Masri

Razan is an anthropologist and cultural consultant based in Dubai. With a deep understanding of people, culture, and behaviors, she transforms her research into strategic insights for decision-making. As a former entrepreneur, experienced researcher, strategist, storyteller, creative writer, and event curator, Razan specializes in the Middle East. She has worked as a business anthropologist and cultural consultant for Bond Brand and Design Agency as well as Barker Langham.

Driven by curiosity, passion, and optimism, Razan actively seeks opportunities to help institutions tackle their most challenging topics. Whether it's addressing internal organizational pain points or understanding consumer behavior, she derives excitement from connecting the dots and creating transformational experiences.

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My Approach

Whatever challenges your organization might be facing, my strategy remains straightforward

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  • Question
    I begin by gaining an understanding of your challenges and pain points through framing them with questions.

  • Research
    I use ethnographic approach for deep human understanding, identifying patterns in needs, behaviors and aspiration.

  • Analysis
    I provide content and discourse analysis, highlighting key insights and strategic solutions.

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